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Civil Rights and Police Reform

This guide was created to assist Campbell Law students and faculty locate Law Library materials on the topics of civil rights and police reform.


This guide curates a variety of resources on the topics of civil rights, social justice, and police accountability available to you in the Law Library or in the Wiggins Library on Main campus. You can begin your research by selecting a book from the law library catalog, or you can start by using one of the databases available from either the Law Library or Wiggins Library

Law of the Police Scholarly Database

The ABA Legal Education Police Practices Consortium is a collaboration between law schools and the American Bar Association, dedicated to the understanding and addressing legal issues in policing. Recently, the Consortium has created the Law of the Police Scholarly database, featuring publications covering a variety of topics related to the law of the police. The database is open access and regularly updated. 

Books on Civil Rights and Police Reform Available in Campbell Libraries