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Visitor Policy and Resources for the Public

Visitor Policy

The Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law Library is a research library and is not open to the general public. With more than 400 individuals enrolled at Campbell Law School, our library professionals must first focus on the study and research needs of our students. Members in good standing of the North Carolina Bar, with proof of membership, can access the library at any time during regular hours of operation. Campbell University graduate and undergraduate students and alumni may also use the library by appointment for legal research. Students from other colleges or universities may use the library by scheduling a time with our library staff to utilize certain resources. To make an appointment please email Professor Olivia Weeks at

Our reference staff is happy to assist with reference questions; however, the library cannot provide legal advice or discuss legal theories of pending cases.

Conduct in the Library

Library policies are not intended as barriers to the use of the collection. Rather these policies are in place to facilitate its use by making the collection available to all users without unreasonable delay. Most rules are based on common sense and equitable principles and are derived from a commitment to make the library an environment suitable for reading, study, and activities in support of student and faculty research.

The library staff wishes to ensure that the library is a place of quiet study. As such, all patrons are asked to keep their noise to a minimum. It is the responsibility of each student to maintain a quiet environment for study. A student commons is available outside of the library for socializing between classes.

So that all patrons may benefit from the law library's resources and environment:

  • Patrons may not remove or attempt to remove library materials without proper checkout or authorization by a law librarian.
  • Patrons must either renew or return library materials when they are due.
  • Patrons may not "squirrel" books in a carrel or in a study room for exclusive use.
  • Do not mutilate or damage library materials by marking, underlining, removing pages or portions of pages, removing or defacing bindings, or in any other way damage or deface library materials.
  • Patrons should be respectful and courteous to the library staff and other library patrons.
  • Patrons should not sleep on or otherwise inappropriately use library furniture.
  • Patrons should not cause a disturbance or engage in any behavior that interferes with library activities.
  • Patrons should dress appropriately.

For the protection of the library, its contents, and staff:

  • Patrons are forbidden to go in unauthorized areas of the library, remain in the library after closing or when requested to leave during emergency situations or drills.
  • Do not open emergency exits except in emergency situations.
  • Do not vandalize or deface library furniture or equipment.

Personal laptops may be used in any area of the law library. Study tables are wired for laptop use, and wireless network access is available on both floors of the library.