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New Books

Here are some of the new titles added to the library last month. You can download the full list below. Click on a book cover for more information.

Voting Rights War

JK1924 .B76 2016

Child Exploitation and Trafficking

KF9449 .K46 2017

American Public Education Law Primer

KF4119.85 .B58 2016

In the Interest of Justice

K181 .S45 2004

God and the Secular Legal System

K3280 .D66 2016

The Burger Court and the Rise of the Judicial Right

KF8748 .G69 2016

How Police Generate False Confessions

KF9664 .T73 2016

The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case

KF224 .H38 D43 2016

The End of Ownership

K783 .P47 2016

The Devil's Defender

KF373 .B76 A3 2016

Misreading Law, Misreading Democracy

KF425 .N68 2016

Conflicts in the Knowledge Society

K1401 .H38 2015

Law and Religion in American History

KF4783 .M25 2016